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Datum Maandag 31 mei
Tijd 21:30 Eindtijd 23:00
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Sex, Robots and Artificial Intimacy: a threat or the next best thing?

Intimacy through sex, love, and touch; for most people this is essential to leading a happy human life. The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated social distancing measures have significantly diminished our interpersonal intimacy. This has accelerated the introduction of new technologies like sex robots, tele-dildonics, and remote touch. These technologies aim to enhance, mimic or replace intimate human interaction, deeply affecting our experiences of intimacy and sexuality.

Are these technologies a physical and moral threat, or a logical next step in our human evolution? On 31 May, join us as we debate this hot topic with a number of internationally renowned speakers, including Kate Devlin (author of “Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots”) and Kathleen Richardson (leader of CASR: Campaign Against Sex Robots).
Moderated by Lily Frank.
> More speakers to be announced shortly <

*Photo: Hanneke Wetzer, @me_and_my_dollfriend

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