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Datum Vrijdag 4 juni
Tijd 15:00 Eindtijd 16:30
Locatie online
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Contact student team VIRTUe
Marianna Angelini
marianna.angelini@teamvirtue.nl https://forms.gle/SYvMdTdUCqUR9hEGA

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Ripple remix party – build a sustainable community in your city of the future

How can we create sustainable communities in existing neighborhoods to make our cities resilient and energy neutral?
We are VIRTUe, a student team of Eindhoven University of Technology, participating in the Solar Decathlon competition to design, build and operate the house of the future. As we are about to build our solar-powered house at the TU/e campus at the end of June, we want to spread awareness about making sustainable innovations a reality in today’s cities.

Our concept, ripple is a modular, low-carbon footprint living solution that VIRTUe is designing for the Solar Decathlon competition. With ripple, we aim to make sustainable living fun and easy for everyone, everywhere.

We therefore invite you on Friday June 4th to rethink current cities through the lens of our concept. The 1.5-hour workshop is co-facilitated by, and in partnership with Hugo Pilate, to give you the opportunity to virtually design and build your own ripple community in existing neighborhoods. Any familiarity with the Miro platform is welcome but not a requirement! Please register here.

Want more information about what VIRTUe does? Read our story here! Or visit our website.

Climate change is a complex subject that requires attention and effort on all levels.
The built environment is a key player in reaching global sustainability goals. Designers of buildings and cities have the power to stimulate habits through careful design. We are in a status quo where the industry does not stimulate a sustainable mindset to its users, who in turn do not provide an incentive for sustainable industrial change. We want to break this loop and introduce an integrated approach to sustainable building and living.
VIRTUe believes in the huge potential of combined human actions, where the issue should be tackled from both ends: the industry and the individual.
Like a drop in water, our project creates a ripple of influence. We aim to spread sustainable change in existing situations with a renewed urban plan and a design proposal for vertical extensions, both of which are adaptable to various scenarios. VIRTUe strives to activate people towards a more sustainable mindset with an attractive design that is also adaptable to different situations. We believe that together, we can make sustainable living fun and easy for everyone, everywhere.

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