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Growing a better world together. That is Rabobank’s cooperative mission. Together with our customers, members and partners, we are committed to building a stronger living environment and to meeting today’s major social challenges, on the basis that together we achieve more than alone. We do this internationally, nationally and regionally. So also here, in the Brainport region.  

Brainport has a huge attraction for companies and knowledge workers. That is good news for everyone who lives and works here. On the other hand, ensuring that this thriving region is also future-proof is challenging.

Investments must be made in further economic growth of the Brainport region and in a healthier living environment. As a committed local bank Rabobank is happy to take up the gauntlet. We recently drew up what we call the ‘Banking for Brainport agenda’. It stipulates that we will invest one billion euros in this region over the next few years. Among other things, we will help start-ups and scale-ups to realise their ambitions, we will invest in the further development of the living environment and we will support initiatives that contribute to the development of Brainport, like the Dutch Technology Week.

Dutch Technology Week Platinum Partner  
In recent years, the Dutch Technology Week has developed into the tech event of the Netherlands. In addition to students and professionals, the DTW also attracts many young people and their parents. This is their first point of contact with the wonderful world of the Dutch high-tech industry. During the week, the organisers try to interest them in a future job with one of the hundreds of high-tech companies in our country. The first seeds for this are planted in those six days in June, and this is crucial. Because one of the biggest challenges for this region is to find enough professionals and knowledge workers. At Rabobank we prefer to speak of golden hands and golden heads. It is ultimately these young people who will determine how the Brainport region develops over the next few decades. By committing ourselves to the DTW as a Platinum Partner, Rabobank hopes to contribute to the goals of the DTW and the further growth of the Brainport region.

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