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Monday May 31

Sex, Robots and Artificial Intimacy: a threat or the next best thing?

Intimacy through sex, love, and touch; for most people this is essential to leading a happy human life. The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated social distancing measures have significantly diminished our interpersonal intimacy.

Thursday June 3


Do you really know what a cyborg is, or is your knowledge based on sci-fi series? Is it a next step in ‘mankind’, or is it a passing artistic trend? Now is your chance to find outbecause our guest speakers are: Neil Harbisson, who is the first person in the world legally recognized as a cyborg by a government, and Moon Ribas, who developed and implanted online seismic sensors in her feet that allow her to feel earthquakes through vibrations.

Thursday June 3

Science + Tech - Online Quiz

Teams from all over the world will join the Science + Tech – Online Quiz. A fun quiz in English, which tackles all of the major and minor topics from the world of science and tech. From Einstein to iPhone, from Newton to Hawking, and from the history of science right down to the latest gadgets. 

Thursday June 3

Advancing Healthcare with AI

See what advances are being made in the healthcare sector at FruitPunch AI Connect 2021! The healthcare sector can benefit a lot from including AI in healthcare tasks. From the very first step of prevention to the last steps of monitoring, applying AI can simplify, assist and improve the quality of the work of healthcare […]

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