Strength through cooperation
VDL Groep is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between  the companies. Since the founding in 1953 this family-owned  company has grown to include 95 operating companies, spread over 20 countries with almost 16,000 employees. 

Working at VDL
Working at VDL means working in a high-tech environment for different markets such as the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry, the medical sector, solar, the energy market and the food industry. We are always looking for people who are keen to develop both themselves and the VDL Groep. We have several jobs in a wide variety of sectors and levels, from production to management positions: project management, engineering, purchasing, sales, logistics, quality, automation, maintenance and production (such as machining, electrical engineering, welding, assembly).

VDL is a company that has both feet on the (shop) floor. An informal, open atmosphere, not being afraid of hard work, working with others and having the courage to be enterprising are characteristics that are part of the VDL Groep’s no-nonsense culture. You will be given every opportunity to display your results-orientated approach due to the high degree of autonomy and responsibility you will get in your job.

Hightech system supplier
Both domestically and abroad, VDL Groep has attained a rock-solid position in subcontracting. The subcontracting division includes a large number of supply companies that manufacture high-quality products from metal and plastic. Each company has its own specialty and makes optimal use of the collaboration with the sister companies. In this manner, VDL has every specialty at its disposal. The focus lies on versatile and flexible capacity, short turn-around times, cost reduction and an outstanding price/quality ratio. VDL continuously strives to improve its efficiency through robotization and automation. In subcontracting VDL is specialised in:
* Mechatronic systems and system supply
* Metalworking
* Plastics processing
* Surface treatment

Production MINI for BMW Group
With the acquisition of NedCar in Born at the end of 2012, VDL is the only major car manufacturer in the Netherlands. VDL Nedcar, as an independent car manufacturer, assembles passenger cars for third parties. BMW Group is our customer for which we produce the MINI Cabrio, MINI Countryman and BMW X1.

One of the Europe’s largest bus manufacturers
The bus division of VDL Groep operates under the name VDL Bus & Coach. VDL Bus & Coach consists of multiple bus companies that are collectively active in the global market. The core activities of VDL Bus & Coach consists of the development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of a wide range of buses, chassis modules and the purchase and sale of second-hand buses. The manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands and Belgium. Quality, safety, durability, comfort, low maintenance costs, low fuel consumption and the environment are all high priorities at VDL Bus & Coach.  Our products are sold through a worldwide network consisting of corporate-owned sales offices, importers and agents in more than 30 countries. In 2011 we were awarded with the prestigious prize ‘Bus of the Year 2011’ for our public transport bus Citea. A year later we also won the ‘Coach of the Year 2012’ for our Futura touringcar. VDL introduced the largest electrical vehicle in the world. And with our VDL Citea Electric we are leading in the national and international market.

Finished products
A portion of the VDL companies develop and manufacture a wide range of products for both the industrial and consumer markets. These companies fall under the finished products division. They determine their domestic and international market position autonomously and work closely with the companies from the supplies division of VDL Groep. These companies are active in:
* Suspension systems for the automotive industry (trucks, trailers and buses)
* Heating, cooling and air-technical systems used in electromechanical, shipping and the energy sector
* Systems for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry
* Production automation systems for Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and BMW
* Systems for the agricultural sector
* Sunbeds
* Roof boxes for cars
* Container handling equipment
* Waste collection systems
* Cigar-making and packaging machines
* Components for bulk handling and dust extraction installations
* Systems for explosion and fire protection
* Road signing