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10 May 2021

Healthtech plays an increasingly important role in the quality of life

Music and sound play a major role in several emerging innovative health technologies deployed for people suffering from stress or dementia.
Healthtech aims to improve our lives so that we become healthier and stronger, not only physically but also mentally. There are consequently numerous researchers and companies working on the development of these types of technologies.

4 May 2021

Artificial intimacy raises many questions

Will sex with robots indeed be quite normal in a few years, as artificial intelligence expert David Levy claims? He believes that in about 30 years, robots will have developed to the point where humans will be able to have intimate relationships with them and even believes that human-robot marriage will be legalized. There are several more experts who share his opinion.

3 May 2021

Cyborgs are already among us

An implanted antenna in your head that enables you to “hear” colors. Or online seismic sensors in your feet that allow you to feel earthquakes. No, this is not science fiction.

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