woensdag 6 Juni 2018




Blauwe Zaal Auditorium, TU/e




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Nanomagnetism (Lecture by Studium Generale Eindhoven)

To tackle societal challenges such as exploding data storage needs and aging populations, Reinoud Lavrijsen (TU/e) is pioneering the fundamentals of nanomagnetism. With surprising findings.


In the fields of nanomagnetism and spintronics, physicists and engineers study miniscule magnets and examine how to influence those magnets by electric currents. Dr.ir. Reinoud Lavrijsen (TU/e) works in the field of nanomagnetism and is continuously trying to link fundamental insights to practical applications. Together with colleagues of the research group Physics of Nanostructures he works on ultra-thin (< 1 nanometer) magnetic film engineering. A research area that offers an incredibly rich physics playground. For instance, the recent observation that Einstein’s theories of relativity affects magnetism, initially considered useless or undetectable, has a huge (unexpected) impact on magnetic nanotechnology. Not an obscure research field at all: although many people will not be aware of this, the basic technology of thin film engineering is already widely integrated in your standard day. For instance, while streaming music/video, storing pictures on your computer hard-disk or in the cloud, and a plethora of sensors in your car.


In his talk Reinoud Lavrijsen explains how his research contributes to the fundamental understanding of nanomagnetism by using an experimental physics approach. Typical applications that will be discussed are future data storage in so called magnetic racetrack memories and cancer treatment using novel magnetic nanoparticles.


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