donderdag 7 Juni 2018








Paradijslaan 2-8
5611 KN Eindhoven
The Netherlands

+31 40 23 66 196

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Launch Eindhoven Innovation Café

Wat gebeurt er wanneer je slimme mensen, ideeën, talen en geld bij elkaar brengt? Opportunities! Van ontwerper tot technicus, student tot CEO en politicus tot investeerder: ambitieuze doeners en denkers ontmoeten elkaar vanaf juni elke donderdagmiddag bij Kazerne.


Een nieuw initiatief dat tot stand komt in samenwerking met onder andere ASML, HighTechXl, Design Academy Eindhoven, TU/e en gemeente Eindhoven. Deze wekelijkse internationale en informele mix and match bijeenkomst – met korte inhoudelijke noot - is ‘where the magic happens’. Loop binnen voor nieuwe mogelijkheden, een goed glas wijn & lekker hapje of kijk op de website welke bondige breakout sessies je deze week kunt verwachten.



5-7 pm Continuous Demos: Food Futures A new lunch topping machine, a fermenting bio gas oven, aquaphonics to bring the food chain to the table; students from TU/e demonstrate their vision on future food. They long for your feedback! Please do touch.

5:15-5:30 pm Break Out: How to fuel innovation by the Eindhoven community A presentation by EHV InnoCafé partners on how we hit the ground running, connect top talent, make it happen within a short period of preparation time, and learn as we go.

5:30 - 6 pm Interactive workshop: How to make connections and network by Cristian Boscheri and Aiman Hassani It makes Cristian and Aiman feel uncomfortable that there are not enough platforms and safe environments where to develop our soft skills and be ourselves, so they decided to solve that: with #braincandies live. Join their crash course on how to make connections and network!

6 - 6:30 pm Break Out: Ins and outs of business innovation by Jan Timmer What powers Eindhoven’s innovation? Hear former CEO Jan Timmers ins and outs on how Philips came and made things better. Timmer shares his view on the multinationals fascination for constant reinvention and ponders the opportunities that lie ahead for the Brainport region. Are you ready to get some of his best leadership advice?

6:30-6:40 pm Guided tour: Exhibition Born at Night What is the meaning of intellectual property in China? How do we keep up with of their speed of innovation? Join the guided tour about the exhibition Born at Night that is currently on show at Kazerne​.

6:30-7 pm Open discussion: Eindhoven Nightlife by Siem Nozza Eindhoven's night mayor aims to improve our nightlife in collaboration with the town council, our city’s companies, the academies, university and of course the city’s night makers. Making it fit with the city’s international ambitions. He'll introduce one of his researches on the needs and expectations of Eindhovens international community and is looking to discuss different points of view on this topic. Part one in a series of discussions.




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