dutch technology week june 4 - june 9 2018


About PANalytical
PANalytical is the world leader in X-ray analysis systems. Serving many industries and scientific institutes around the world, we strive to contribute to a healthier and safer world, and a better life for all. 

PANalytical was founded half a century ago as part of the Philips organization. We develop and implement new technologies to address present and future world needs. We do this by working closely together with scientists and professionals in research and industrial laboratories.

This open and interactive approach of 'Winning by Sharing' gives us a unique ability to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing demands of society.

Better lives, worldwide
Consequently, we see our X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction systems being used in more and more industries – in order to deliver ever-improving levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Together with our customers around the world, we are contributing greatly towards the drive for better housing, safer cars and airplanes, more effective medical therapies, easier and cheaper communications, and a healthier environment. Every day, billions of people use an incredible range of products that have been improved with the help of materials characterization through X-ray analysis. 

PANalytical leadership
With more than 50 years experience in X-ray analysis, PANalytical has established a reputation for introducing analytical ‘firsts’ to the world. Many advances in X-ray analysis have been pioneered by PANalytical, in the field of applications, systems, software and X-ray tubes.

Think Tomorrow
Anticipating and addressing tomorrow’s world needs through continuous innovation is the basis of our success. Thinking Tomorrow, in an Open Innovation approach and an active pursuit of sustainability, is more than ever before essential for PANalytical and for the Dutch Technology community as a whole. We therefore continue to be a staunch supporter and partner of the Dutch Technology Week.       

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