Thursday 11 May Discover High Tech in a tea bag

At appealing locations, top technology companies give a peek into their organization. As a valve to the Dutch Technology Week, the High Tech Discovery Route brings you along all high-tech hotspots in the region. For young and old, for professionals and lovers, this day is full of surprising discoveries for everyone! There is a lot to see, to do, to experience it’s a day where you experience, as a visitor, that you are living, working in a high-tech country where you can be proud of. In a series of articles, E52 already took a look at the DTW High Tech hotspots. Today Strijp-S.

One of the entrepreneurs of whose technology in the Ontdekfabriek is to be experienced is Lenze. The packing of the tea you drink daily or the bread you eat comes from somewhere. Great chance that Lenze’s hardware and software technology was the starting point. The international company with a branch in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, enables the movement of packaging, among other things. A pretty invisible branch of sport but crucial for technology, communication and marketingmanager at Lenze Benelux, Marc Vissers, says. He and two of his colleagues show what their software can do.

“You often hear that the world automates and robotises, we are one of the causes of this.” Lenze started 70 years ago in mechatronics. How this industry digitizes, automates and robotises, you discover on the 20th. They make the translation of the marketing idea behind a product to the technology, Vissers tells. “For example a tea bag should look a certain way and we make sure that the machine can make it.”

The German-based company grew to a global company with around 3,400 employees and branches across all continents. Lenze’s technology is at the beginning of the production chain in the automotive, textile, and food industry and in the logistic sector and robotization.

"Maybe there are 2 or 3 children who think: this world is really something for me"

Marc Vissers — communication and marketingmanager Lenze Benelux

“It has become so normal, we don’t realize anymore that smart technology is everywhere. Software is not tangible.” Vissers gladly offers his free Saturday to show and let children and parents experience what technology is and what it can do. “There are many more occupations than GP, nurse or carpenter. And maybe there are 2 or 3 children who think: this world is really something for me.”

Lenze is for the fifth time at the High Tech Discovery route. Just like last year they are at the Ontdekkingsfabriek where they show robotica in an augemented reality world. “We developed an eyecatcher that you can touch with VR-glasses on, this way you can walk an augmented search trip. It is a labyrinth of possibilities en you decide the exit yourself. You can control a robot or stack boxes by pushing on the buttons yourself.”

“A few weeks ago I was at an exhibition for adults. A visitor came to me who was looking for a way to automate the feeding of his animals because it was taking too much time to do it himself. I had a connection with the man but is 12 year old son was bored with it. I asked him if he had some fun today, and he said: ‘No, not really.’ He had to go with father. Then I put him VR-glasses on the boy was busy with it for 45 minutes. Young people are already very strongly in the digital world, we adults actually speak a different language. That’s why it is important that the next generations grows up with the latest technology.”

Visit these hotspots on the 20th of May, from 11:00 till 17:00: De Ontdekfabriek and Strijp-S (Eindhoven), Philips Innovation Center Eindhoven North (Best), High Tech Helmond – De Peel (location HVL – MCM in Liessel/Deurne), High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Kempen Tech (Hapert).